PALCI Libraries Share: Reciprocal On-Site Borrowing Program

In support of our continuing commitment to inter-library cooperation, many PALCI libraries have chosen to extend free library use and on-site borrowing privileges to the patrons of the other PALCI member libraries. Each PALCI library participating in this program has determined which categories of patrons (faculty, students, and staff) from the other participating libraries are eligible to use their library and borrow materials on-site.

Please note this program replaces the former PALCI Faculty Borrowing Program and the LYRASIS On-Site Borrowing Program.

Step 1: See the List of Participating Libraries

Please note libraries may not be open for use during certain times of the year, so please check with the library before visiting.

Step 2: Complete the Reciprocal On-Site Borrowing Authorization Form

Step 3: Review the PALCI Reciprocal On-Site Borrowing Process and Procedures

The process is easy!

Patron Procedures

    • Confirm the library you want to visit participates in this program.
    • Complete the Authorization Form and have it approved by an Authorized Staff Member at your Home Library.
    • Take the completed form to the library you want to visit (Host Library). You may be asked for additional information to complete the registration process.
    • You are responsible for the materials you borrow from the Host Library you visit and are required to adhere to their due dates and policies.
    • You are responsible to return the items to the Host Library from which they were borrowed. Your Home Library may or may not agree to return items to the Host Library; check with your Home Library to determine their policy.

Home Library Procedures

    • An Authorized Staff Member approves the patron’s Authorization Form. It is a good practice for this staff member to contact the head of circulation at the Host Library that this Patron will be visiting their library.
    • Do not approve your patrons for this program if your library will not take final responsibility for the materials.

Host Library Procedures

    • Establish a record for the visiting Patron in your library system, thus activating his/her courtesy borrowing privileges.
    • Notify PALCI of any changes with your participation in this program.

Program Definitions

    • Patron – a faculty member, student, or staff at a PALCI library participating in the program.
    • Home Library – a participating PALCI library that approves their patron for onsite use and borrowing at another participating library. The Home Library decides which categories of patron they will approve for such use.
    • Host Library – a participating PALCI library that will accept patrons from other participating libraries for onsite library use and borrowing.
    • Authorized Staff Member – a staff member at the patron’s Home Library who confirms the patron is in good standing, approves the patron to request onsite privileges at another participating library, and accepts the responsibility statement on the Authorization Form.