Service Types:

(1) Common Services     |     (2) Optional / Opt-in

A framework for PALCI service offerings.

Historically, PALCI dues supported the organization’s staff and operational costs, while all other services and offerings were provided following an opt-in model, allowing libraries to pick and choose which PALCI programs and services were of interest. Even many of PALCI’s “PALCI-wide” collections initiatives were offered with an opt-in approach.

In 2021, the PALCI Board determined that certain strategic services and programs should be included in PALCI dues to ensure equitable distribution of costs and to demonstrate a commitment to the organization’s mission and vision. The PALCI Future Framing Task Force and Implementation Team developed the PALCI service model framework as a way of describing the services and offerings PALCI provides to its members, some of which are held in common by all members and funded collectively, and others of which are optional, offered in an opt-in model. By and large, most PALCI offerings remain available on an opt-in basis. However, key services, like PALCI’s shared index and PALCI EZBorrow consortial borrowing program are now included in PALCI dues.

Common services” are those which are covered by PALCI dues. Common services are funded collaboratively for those activities that are of strategic importance to PALCI. PALCI libraries are not required to use common services, but all PALCI libraries pay for these programs and services via dues.

Optional / Opt-in services” are those services or offerings that are offered a la carte. Members may elect to use/fund any of these offerings. Fees for each optional / opt-in service cover the full cost of delivering the service, including any associated PALCI overhead or any necessary contingency funding.