2020 – Framing the Future of PALCI

In 2020, the PALCI Board undertook an effort to articulate a strong and exciting future for the organization, empowering PALCI to continue to build on its many recent successes. In 2020, the Board’s Future Framing Task Force interviewed PALCI members, evaluated consortial offerings, led sessions aimed at uncovering PALCI member needs, and made recommendations for a newly articulated organizational mission, vision and values statement. This newly articulated future was approved by the Board in October 2020, with plans for its implementation coming in June 2021.

New Mission/Vision/Values

The newly articulated Mission, Vision and Values are as follows:

Vision: PALCI is the trusted and preferred partnership for academic library collaboration and innovation.

Mission: PALCI enables cost-effective and sustainable access to information resources and services for academic libraries in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

Values: PALCI operates on mutual trust. It is PALCI’s responsibility to continuously earn and renew that trust by consistently demonstrating operational excellence, transparency, innovation, and respect for diversity and privacy.

Additionally, the Board updated the consortium’s acronym, which historically stood for the “Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc.,” to now represent PALCI as the “Partnership for Academic Library Collaboration & Innovation” with an intentional focus on members as active partners in a vibrant and diverse collaborative setting.

In November, a PALCI Future Framing Implementation Task Force was named, which began meeting weekly to develop recommendations and a two-year plan for implementing this new vision. The Board will host several information sessions in the coming weeks and months and encourages all members to participate as we discuss proposed organizational changes designed to ensure the consortium continues to thrive for years to come.


PALCI Future Framing Task Force Report – Presented to the PALCI Membership on June 11, 2020

Read the PALCI FFTF Final Report – July 6 2020  (Abbreviated version)

MEMORANDUM Originally distributed to PALCI Deans & Directors / Voting Representatives on March 11, 2020
To: PALCI members

From: Danuta Nitecki, Convener, PALCI Future Framing Task Force
Subject: Announcing PALCI Future Framing Initiative

PALCI is undertaking an exciting new initiative to guide the consortium into the future. I invite you to participate in the effort.

During the past few years PALCI leadership and members have seen tremendous growth and change, as we have worked together to engage new partners, improve access to information resources, and explore opportunities for innovation and collective action. We are at a perfect moment to take stock of where the consortium is now and how we can sustain collaborative success in a rapidly-changing landscape.

To this end, the Board of Directors has charged a “Future Framing Task Force” (FFTF) with articulating and presenting an updated mission, vision, and values statement for PALCI at the annual member’s meeting this June. The FFTF will be gathering and analyzing data on participation in PALCI programs, opinions about the value of membership, and trends and alternatives in the larger library ecosystem. From this discovery, we will vet potential future scenarios and recommend paths to plan PALCI’s implementation of best strategies for success. Member input will be sought through selective interviews, online group discussions, and feedback any time via our dedicated email address, future-framing@palci.org.

The FFTF is comprised of three members of the Board and a facilitator. I am joined by Scott Anderson [Millersville University], Rick Holmgren [Allegheny College], and Jennifer Livingston [Shift Consulting]. Both Executive Director Jill Morris and PALCI President Sara Baron are ex officio members. The FFTF will report its progress to the PALCI Board where decisions on our recommendations will be made.

The FFTE is committed to help focus PALCI resources and unique purpose to continue achieving success for members’ academic communities. We are excited to see where our collective efforts in this exploration will bring us by June.

PALCI Future Framing Task Force

Scott Anderson, Millersville University
Rick Holmgren, Allegheny College
Jennifer Livingston, Consultant, Shift Consulting
Danuta Nitecki, Drexel University, Convener, Future Framing Task Force
Sara Baron, Duquesne University (Ex-officio)
Jill Morris, PALCI (Ex-officio)