Jill Morris
Jill MorrisExecutive Director
Chief PALCI Strategist and Innovation Officer;

Oversight of all Financial, Personnel, Human Resources, Membership, Recruitment, and Nonprofit Administration;

Directs PALCI strategic planning and partnership activities;

Leads and supports PALCI governance in partnership with the PALCI Board of Directors

Alli Snyder
Alli SnyderOperations Coordinator
Management, coordination, and support of business operations with a focus on functional areas including finance/accounting, eResources and administrative data, business processes, communications, contracting, and other internal remote office infrastructure

Support for organizational transparency by assisting PALCI staff in activities related to governance, program support, accounting, and communications

Coordination and support for the operations-focused needs of grant-funded / time-limited projects and initiatives as assigned

Alison Bradley
Alison BradleyDirector of Strategic Initiatives
Chief operations officer responsible for direction of daily programs & services.

Oversight and leadership of strategic program areas, projects & initiatives including:
– Collections;
– Resource Sharing;
– Affordable Learning

Community facilitation for core programs/services

Carl Piraneo
Carl PiraneoSenior Program Officer for Member Services and Resource Sharing
Lead responsibility for management, implementation, and day-to-day support and coordination of PALCI’s member-facing services and its resource sharing program.

Manages the EZBorrow service and the community, as well as other consortium resource sharing activities .

Oversees member information and interactions with PALCI, creates documentation, and fulfills PALCI Members’ information and support needs.