Jill Morris
Jill MorrisExecutive Director
Chief PALCI Strategist and Innovation Officer;

Oversight of all Financial, Personnel, Human Resources, Membership, Recruitment, and Nonprofit Administration;

Directs PALCI strategic planning and partnership activities;

Leads and supports PALCI governance in partnership with the PALCI Board of Directors

VacanteResources Coordinator (Part-time)
Supports the PALCI member libraries and staff in managing and implementing the lifecycle of consortium-negotiated eResources

Provides assistance and support for implementation, discovery and access, and other commonly asked eResources support questions for PALCI-licensed materials.

Supports the eResources acquisition and renewal process.

VacantBusiness Manager (Part-time)
Oversees smooth operation of remote office and business administration

Provides management, coordination, and support of business functions with a focus on functional areas including finance/accounting, business processes and procedures, human resources, contracting, remote office infrastructure.

Alison Bradley
Alison BradleyDirector of Strategic Initiatives
Chief operations officer responsible for direction of daily programs & services.

Oversight and leadership of strategic program areas, projects & initiatives including:
– Collections;
– Resource Sharing;
– Affordable Learning

Community facilitation for core programs/services

Carl Piraneo
Carl PiraneoMember Services Coordinator
Coordinates, triages and provides frontline support for all member-initiated inquiries

Develops documentation and communication for key PALCI programs

Supports PALCI communities of practice, including the EZB Practitioners and Resource Sharing Communities