Standing Committees & Councils

PALCI library staff that serve on the following committees and councils guide the work of the organization and make recommendations to the PALCI staff and Board of Directors.

PALCI Collections Advisory Council (CoACT)

The PALCI Collections Advisory Council formed in April 2017 and is tasked with leading PALCI’s strategic approach to building collections and access across formats in support of PALCI libraries’ learning and research priorities. Leveraging our previous successes and economy of scale, the Council will identify key collection development and management issues the PALCI community should address with the overall goal of supporting PALCI’s mission to enable cost-effective and sustainable access to information resources and services. The Council will recommend appropriate strategies and/or working groups to address those priorities.

Current Members include:

Dan Heuer (Bucknell), Joelle Pitts (Carnegie Mellon), Kristina Rose (NYU), Heather Getsay (Slippery Rock), Roz Goldstein (Widener), Jennifer Matthews (Rowan), Amy McColl (Swarthmore), Brigitte Weinsteiger (UPenn), Terese Heidenwolf (Lafayette), Anne Krakow (St. Joseph’s).

EZBorrow Advisory Council

The PALCI EZBorrow Advisory Council is charged to:

Serve as the coordinating group for consideration and discussion of EZBorrow topics and issues
Identify potential service and system enhancements to maximize access to member collections
Organize and facilitate meetings of the Members on this topic
Advise staff on support/system issues and solutions
Share best practices information among Members
Solicit ideas and input from Members
Create an annual plan outlining new activities/projects to be undertaken and address the sustainability of existing projects
Recommend new projects, funding requirements, and policies to the Board for approval
Review annually and recommend refinements to the EZBorrow Policies
Report to the Board and Members regularly

Current Members include:

Tom Bruno (UPenn) – Chair, Zane Aurandt (Duquesne), Mark Canney (Lehigh), Luisa Cywinski (Villanova), Urooj Khan (Montclair), Kyla Lucas (WVU), Kerry Kristine McElrone (Swarthmore), Ginger McGiffin (PennWest Clarion), Amy Perrier (CMU)

PALCI Conduct Committee

The PALCI Conduct Committee is charged with:

  • Building and maintaining an understanding of PALCI’s Code of Conduct
  • Receiving preparedness training and developing readiness to support proactive measures, as well as appropriate responses to conduct issues raised
  • Leading efforts to raise awareness in PALCI Members about DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) issues with the goal of furthering an inclusive and respectful PALCI culture of collaboration and community
  • Promoting and modeling appropriate conduct when interacting in a collaborative consortial environment
  • Investigating issues in a timely fashion
  • Communicating with the PALCI Executive Director, President of the PALCI Board of Directors, and involved individual(s) on the progress and outcomes of any investigations
  • Recommending appropriate remedies or actions as needed
  • Protecting the confidentiality and dignity of PALCI Members

Current Members include:

Amanda Clossen (Duquesne); Kathy Hale (State Library); DaVonne Rooney (Jefferson University); PALCI Board President; PALCI Board Vice President; PALCI Executive Director

PALCI Working Groups & Task Forces

Working groups and task forces are created to support existing committees and councils, as well as time-limited projects and strategic PALCI initiatives.

PALCI Retrospective Collections Working Group (Retro)

Current members include:

Terese Heidenwolf (Lafayette), Dan Heuer (Bucknell), Rachel Newbury (PennWest Clarion), Andy Hart (UPenn), Alysa Hornick (NYU), Tom Christie (Muhlenberg).

PALCI Prospective Collections Working Group

Current members include:

Amy McColl (Swarthmore), Angela Carreno (NYU), Berry Chamness (Bryn Mawr), Daniel Huang (Lehigh), Bill Meloy (PennWest), Jane Excell (NYU), Krista Higham (Millersville), Penny Lochner (Muhlenberg), Stephanie Kaceli (Cairn).

ReShare Software User Group

Current members include:

Rachael Bolden (Washington & Jefferson), Shane Burris (Penn State), Maureen O’Brien Dermott (Dickinson), Allen Jones (The New School), Daniel Pugh (Rowan), Nicole Rearich (Franklin & Marshall), Phoebe Walker (NYU)

EZBorrow Futures Task Force

Concluded its Charge in Spring 2024 with its EZBorrow Futures Task Force Report & Recommendations

Tom Bruno (UPenn), Hilary Fredette (WVU), Jeremy Garskof (Gettysburg), Krista Higham (Millersville), Jean Lenville (Scranton), Penny Lochner (Muhlenberg), Sarah Penniman (Elizabethtown), Rachel Pisciotta (NYU), Berenika Webster (Pitt)

Former PALCI Committees, Task Forces, and Working Groups

  • PALCI eBooks Task Force
  • PALCI Distributed Print Archive (PDPA) Steering Committee
  • PALCI Future Framing Task Force and Implementation Team
  • PDPA Reference Sets Working Group
  • PDPA Serials Working Group
  • PALCI Technology Task Force
  • PALCI Working Group on the Future of Resource Delivery (R&D)
  • PALCI eBooks Strategy Working Group

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