The EZBorrow Futures Task Force, a group that was first charged by the PALCI Board of Directors in 2023 with the development of a series of recommendations for the future of PALCI’s popular EZBorrow resource sharing program, concluded its charge in Spring 2024 with the release of its 2024 EZBorrow Futures Task Force Report & Recommendations. PALCI EZBorrow Fit for Future

The report lays out 10 recommendations with short-to-medium term horizons for the enhancement of the EZBorrow consortial borrowing service, taking into account the diversity of member needs and the quickly evolving ecosystem in which libraries operate. The focus of the report advocated for a balanced approach that places high value on both the continuous improvement of the existing EZBorrow service supporting the sharing of physical items, and the pursuit of enhancements and innovations that will support digital borrowing and lending in the future. Support for ebook lending and book chapter lending in EZBorrow were specifically prioritized by the task force.

The report also details the process by which the task force completed its work, which included a comprehensive survey of PALCI member libraries with a 75% response rate, the facilitation of multiple focus groups, and an environmental scanning effort. A brief version of the report is available publicly, while a more detailed version, including appendices with survey data and other supporting information is available via the PALCI Member Portal (requires Basecamp account login). Questions may be addressed to