Following the completion of PALCI’s Future Framing initiative, the Board and staff aimed to reflect the organization’s recently refreshed Mission, Vision and Values statements with updated branding and communications.

PALCI colors The logo above is PALCI’s new mark, which will go into use beginning this summer. To hear more about the new logo and how it came to be, please listen in to the PALCI Member Meeting recording linked here (login required). A complete brand guide with the organization’s logo files and official colors will be available, linked in the ConsortiaManager portal in the coming weeks. The image to the right shows PALCI’s designated colors.

In addition, PALCI is undergoing a complete website redesign for the public-facing site. Development of the new site is in progress and we expect to see it launched this July. In future, all member-facing materials will all be linked inside the ConsortiaManager portal in the section marked “Pages.” If you need help accessing ConsortiaManager, please contact us at