The PALCI EZBorrow Futures Task Force is delighted to host a virtual panel and discussion forum centered around the future of digital lending on Thursday, October 5, from 3:00 – 4:30 pm.PALCI EZBorrow Fit for Future
This event will feature a group of experts to explore the latest trends and innovative ideas in the realm of digital lending.
PALCI Members register via Basecamp (login required).
Email if you need assistance logging in.
Featured Speakers Include:
  • Tom Bruno, Director of Access Services, University of Pennsylvania (Moderator)
  • Charlie Barlow, Executive Director, Boston Library Consortium
  • Jennie Rose Halperin, Executive Director, Library Futures
  • Dave Hansen, Executive Director, Authors Alliance
Tom BrunoCharlie BarlowJennie Rose HalperinDavid Hansen